TIL: How to Fix VIA Permission Issues on Linux

Recently I have been trying to configure my newish Keychron keyboard using VIA. To add a key to be able to take print screens, making use of the layers provided, as my Keychron Q1 PRO doesn’t have a dedicated print key πŸ˜“.

However, when I opened the app or the website, I would get the following error.

If we go to chrome://device-log you should be able to see something like this: Failed to open '/dev/hidraw9': FILE_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED.


hidraw enables raw access to USB and Bluetooth Human Interface (hidraw) devices.

This means Chrome cannot access our keyboard, so to fix this we can do something like:

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/hidraw9

Then open the app/go to the website and you should see the errors are gone.


To set the original permissions you can do:

sudo chmod 600 /dev/hidraw8