TIL: How to Use fzf.fish History Search

I use Fish Shell with fzf and fish fzf plugin. I installed fzf using nix and home-manager:

  programs.fzf = {
    enable = true;
    enableFishIntegration = false;

It adds fzf-history-widget script, which is bound to ctrl+r, shell reverse history search. Which we can see when we run this: bind | grep -e fzf-history-widget -e fzf-file-widget

Whereas I wanted to use the _fzf_search_history which is made available by that fish fzf plugin. Now PatrickF1 recommends running the uninstaller script from fzf, but I found another way we can overwrite the binding by adding the following lines to our fish.config:

bind \cr _fzf_search_history
bind -M insert \cr _fzf_search_history

So now when I press ctrl+r in my shell I used to get this (before):


but now I get this (after):

FZF Fish