TIL: How to Set the Path Variable When Using Ubuntu With Nix (Home Manager)

As per some of my recent articles, you will be aware I am using Hyprland (tiling manager) on Ubuntu and managing the config using nix (home-manager). I was having issues where for some reason it wouldn’t set the PATH variable correctly.

On my NixOS machine, the following would be fine:

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, volume --inc
bind=,XF86AudioLowerVolume,exec, volume --dec

However, on Ubuntu I needed to provide the full path:

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, ${volume}/bin/volume --inc

So in the Hyprland config it would look like:

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, /nix/store/q1wm84g65smaq4agq7zp40q57x3534ni-volume/bin/volume --inc

It was because the session was being started by GDM (gnome), and the PATH variable was not being set properly. In Wayland GDM picks up environment variables from ~/.config/environment.d/envvars.conf 1 so we can add it here.

❯ bat ~/.config/environment.d/envvars.conf --plain

Replace haseebmajid with your username (or I guess $HOME should work). This means when we run scripts now, it will source them from this nix-profile folder. Where the binaries get symlinked, including the volume script above. So now you don’t need to specify the full path (though maybe you should 🤷)