TIL: Show to Use the Media Keys on a ZSA Keyboard With Hyprland

Recently, I started using a ZSA Voyager split keyboard, moving to this keyboard has some advantages but the last thing I felt I was missing from my old keyboard (which has a volume knob) was being able to control the volume. So I set up the key maps in their software (Oryx) however, I noticed that binding were not working.

Where I had something like this:

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, volume --inc
bind=,XF86AudioLowerVolume,exec, volume --dec
bind=,XF86AudioMute,exec, volume --toggle
bind=,XF86AudioMicMute,exec, volume --toggle-mic

This worked with my old keyboard just fine, however with my new keyboard, I realised I was pressing a key to change the layers to access the media keys. I press what would normally be a Shift key to change to layer 3, where my media keys are. As I don’t have enough keys to do that all in one layer, like I could do on my other keyboard.

I think since I was holding down a key at the same time as pressing the media keys, I ended up using bindi to fix my issue.

i -> ignore mods, will ignore modifiers - 1.

So now my config looks like:

bindi=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, volume --inc
bindi=,XF86AudioLowerVolume,exec, volume --dec
bindi=,XF86AudioMute,exec, volume --toggle
bindi=,XF86AudioMicMute,exec, volume --toggle-mic

That’s it!