What do I use?

The following is a list of the tools that I use on a daily basis. This page was inspired by Wes Bros. See more pages like this here. You can read more about my own workflow here


For more details about my dotfiles click here.

🐧 OS + Hardware

  • I am currently using NixOS with Hyprland
  • I use two 🖥️ 32" 4k monitors
  • I use a ⌨️ ZSA Voyager
  • I use a 🖱️ Logitech G502 X
  • I am currently trying to use a Framework 13" 12 Gen as my main machine
  • I am using a TB4 dock to have the desktop experience, my laptop remains closed on a stand
  • I also have an eGPU when I want to game


📑 Editor

✔️ Terminal

⚙️ Tools


🧰 CLI Tools

  • exa: ls replacement, used with exa aliases
  • fzf: Really nice fuzzy search tool
  • bat: A better version of cat
  • zoxide: A great tool for jumping between multiple directories.